SG-7200 Mare Câștig Radio Mobile Dual Band 144/435Mhz 150W PL259 Antena SG7200 Pentru Mobile Radio Auto

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Specificatii tehnice: gama de Frecventa:144/430MHz lățime de bandă: 6MHz(144MHz) 10MHz(430MHz) impedanta de intrare: 50 standing-wave ratio: Gain: 5dBi/7.6 dBi capacitate de Putere:150W

  • Lungime: 98cm
  • Putere Max: 150w
  • Numărul De Model: SG-7200
  • Frecvența: 144/430MHz
  • Tip De Element: Antena
  • Material: Mental
  • Câștig: 5dBi/7.6 dBi
  • standing-wave ratio: 1.5

Really Fast
From Moscow to Moscow 6 days). Delivery to the door. I roll, I'll add a tip. And so, qualitatively in appearance, but there is a jamb, in the photo you can see. It's not Scotch or anything, it's just a defective coil casing, or rather its coating, the performance does not affect, but the siege remained... aesthetics are also important. The dispute of course will not open, let them live.
Delivery by courier and fast. Antenna Kach tvennaya. Magnet good. First thought. That paid dearly. But she's really fucked. It's not a haltur from the air. Everything is qualitatively made and perfectly packed. the antenna is quite heavy. And the magnet is heavy and strong. Thank you seller. Very pleased.
You only need to see how dziala. Nothing is firmowane and cable has żyłe not plecionke only wire and is therefore the stiff. Cool or has indeed such profit.

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