Europene ceramice platou cu fructe crack dublu strat gustare piuliță placă living modern, masuta de cafea tavă farfurie de desert bomboane fel de mâncare

Etichete: tava rotunda din ceramica, tava, cuplaj motor pas cu pas, frunze placa, fel de mâncare moderne, placă de bomboane, decor tava, placa, sticla ornament, desene animate farfurie.

142.66lei 158.51lei
  • In stoc
  • f10032

  • Origine: NC(de Origine)
  • Forma: RUNDA
  • Material: Ceramica

Tyutin Persik
It is a beautiful piece, no doubt about it. I was very much looking forward to having it, but it arrived shattered. I had asked the Seller to please wrap it securely to avoid breakage. Obviously didn't heed to my request. I contacted the Seller to either refund me or send another piece as I am trying to resolve this matter. But I have been ignored since day one. As you can see, it is barely wrapped securely. Cusmoter Service and communication is a big fat ZERO!!! Very disappointed.

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